Solo Acosta



When did you start training in martial arts, and can you tell me a little about your story:

My name is Solo Acosta. I started training around 6 or 7 years old. I always wanted to be a ninja! I would look up martial arts schools in the phone book. My mom took me to the martial art school next to “Toys R Us” and I made it all the way to my white belt! My father’s friend who studied martial arts offer to give me private lessons. I remember watching a lot of old fights on VHS. That’s all this guy would have me and two other guys do for what I felt like was forever. Now I look back and I recognize that it was old Muay Thai fights he had us watching. From there I got involve in traditional boxing, which I participated in off and on until my late teen years. I got into Mixed Martial Arts because a childhood friend of mine (Chico Camus) called me and asked me to join an MMA fight team his friend was putting together. I accepted and went to the gym he told me to come too. I walked in and standing on the mat teaching class was Anthony Pettis. After class Chico formally introduce us. We both recognized each other from training at another gym. He asked me if I was interested in sparring and with no hesitation I said yes. After we sparred he asked me if I was interested helping him coach his students and again with no hesitation I said yes, and here I am today.

What do you teach at Pura Vida BJJ & MMA and tell us about your expertise in it:

I am teaching striking classes and coaching MMA at Pura Vida. I have been coaching and training fighters ever since I got into MMA, and I am very passionate about creating world champions. For me, striking in MMA is science, math, reading… everything you told your parents you would never need to know, I teach my students to apply to their striking. There is nothing like reading a fight, and understanding on the inside what is happening. First, we find out what the words on the paper say, then we figure out how to write the story ourselves! I love working with fighters, and I love working on fights.

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