Nick Trost

Nick Trost

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt, Instructor

When did you start training in martial arts, and can you tell me a little about your story:

My name is Nick Trost. I started martial arts at the tender age of 7. My Mom and Dad signed me up for a karate class at a rec center. I absolutely loved it, however I came from a blue collar family, and with literally no marital art experience in the family they didn’t find it necessary. So I forcefully put down marital arts until I rediscovered a life changing marital art known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in March of 2012. Having no grappling experience to date, I was mesmerized by the physicality and the intellectual thought process required to solve each and every problem. My brother, shortly after my involvement in BJJ, began his professional MMA career. I began training in that form of marital art as well, where I found my true calling in the sport, which was coaching. Over the years I honed my craft of coaching MMA, but more importantly found another true love, striking. I have always loved striking sports and had an appreciation for all of the martial arts that teach self-discipline and effective striking. All the things I have learned and the things I teach in my classes will help people not only in the cage, but also in life. And that is what makes me smile, helping people.

What do you teach at Pura Vida BJJ & MMA and tell us about your expertise in it:

I currently instruct MMA Striking at Pura Vida. The fact that I came into striking in MMA fresh, without a background in a traditional striking art has been much more of a help than a hindrance. When a traditional instructor gets locked into a technique, position or concept that works very well in his or her area of expertise, it can hold them back when it comes to Mixed Martial Arts. My philosophy resonates with our fighters. I am not trying to create an army of strikers that look like robots. It’s called “Mixed Marital Arts” and I think one of my great advantages is my emphasis on the Art. I love to have all different types of strikers and I appreciate them all. My job is to make sure their techniques keep them safe, and are efficient. All the great MMA fighters always talk about not having just one style, but their own style. I buy that! Style is a crystallization… Be free to express yourself honestly and freely. That’s my job and that is my art.

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